Sunday, January 3, 2010

Proven Natural Help Migraine Techniques

Are you looking for natural help migraine techniques? If so, here are some natural help migraine techniques that have been proven to work very well. They can be applied in phases as the pain intensifies or just before the pain starts.

Below is a list of possible migraine remedies:
- Taking a bath or shower is one of the simplest natural help migraine techniques that work.
- Lying down in a dark room also helps and so does avoiding bright lights and sharp noises.
- Pressing a wet cloth on the part that hurts most is also said to ease the pain.
- Another natural help migraine technique that works is eating a balanced diet or fresh juice. Vitamin C is said to have a relaxing effect on migraine attacks.
- Massaging one’s neck, feet and back is also a natural help migraine technique that works. Pressure points can produce endorphins, which will fight the pain. If massaging becomes tiring, simply moving the head sideways relaxes the muscles and eases migraines.

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